Next Steps: Portland Tech and Marketing

After graduating almost two months ago, I would have never guessed that I’d be where I’m at today. I imagined myself working or interning at a PR agency, continuing social media management, blogging, etc. Not once did it cross my mind that my initial jump to the professional world would be working in the marketing department of a tech company.

Although the company has been around for a while, it released a product called Postano back in June 2011. Postano is a social media aggregator that syndicates and integrates social media content.

PDXPopNow Postano

PDXPopNow Postano:

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Life Post-Grad

Graduating in less than a week is both an exhilarating and terrifying feeling. Not only does it mean that I’m done with school (for now), but it also means that I’m officially entering the real world, and with that comes major change. The amount of constant that I choose to keep in my life is purely up to me but the changes- those are debatable. As a fresh college graduate, that’s what life is going to entail: rolling with the punches and keep on swinging.


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A Case Study in Social Media Demographics [Infographic]

I came across this intriguing Infographic about Social Media Demographics from MBA Online on Pinterest last night and thought it was worthy of a share. They have a plethora of Infographics that are really interesting and informing- definitely mosey on over and take a peek!



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Room to Breathe in the Information Overload

In this day and age, not having access to a surplus of information at the touch of a button can be a major source of frustration; but it can also be a source of anxiety being bombarded with constant updates, overflowing feeds and total information overloads. With the rate that online platforms are updated, people are overwhelmed and practically drowning in information.

In Ron AshkenasManaging the Information Avalanche, he expands upon Tom Brokaw’s views that more information doesn’t exactly mean that it brings more understanding. Brokaw believes people have to work even harder to comprehend the massive amounts of information through categorizing it, and putting things into context; and unless we can take the time to do all of that, and do it well, we’re almost making ourselves less knowledgeable and more overwhelmed.


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ROI: Realization of Influence (B.Solis)

The ROI of social media has been an ongoing topic of debate across many industries for quite some time, but ROI now has a new meaning: Realization of Influence. Brian Solis, one of my favorite geniuses, recently published a post of the idea, originally developed by Italian media strategist and author Vincenzo Cosenza, exploring the understanding of the relationship between cause and effect, and how it’s the first step in designing strategies based upon the realization of influence.

The new ROI can be defined as a “measure [of] caused effect and outcomes and/or the tracked change in behavior over a fixed period of time” (B. Solis).

Although ROInfluence is not a numeric score, it’s a metric of cause and effect, and performance. Discussed in an earlier post, the ROInvestment of social media can be broken down into four factors: Financial, Brand, Risk Management, and Digital Assets. ROInfluence can essentially be measured by these four factors as well, but the idea/strategy/proposal should be evaluated based on “merit, thoughtfulness and impact to the organization” (B. Solis). Continue reading

Resumes on Pinterest

At this point, I’m probably going in circles talking about Pinterest, resumes and social media but I haven’t been able to fully wrap my mind around a new self-promotion tactic (thanks to fellow blogger Daniel Hebert): publishing your resume on Pinterest.

Jhaneel Lockhart, writer for Business Insider: Careers, published a quick piece about 7 Cool Resumes [They] Found on Pinterest.

Social media is more than just a professional tool, but it can also be used as a professional outlet. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the obvious platforms that a majority of professionals across multiple industries use, but the introduction of Pinterest is about to change all of that.

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Social Media is Sexy

With the Millennial addiction to social media, one would be led to think it’s preprogrammed in our brains how to use it. Unfortunately, most Millennials use social media for just that: to be social. What Generation X or younger doesn’t understand is that social media can be used to our advantage, both personally and professionally. Thankfully, the Millennial light bulb has illuminated and they’re finally embracing that social media is becoming one of the most important professional tools they will need to boost their careers- not just to share their love of Beiber or current mood.

Kate Braddock, executive social and media director of Syracuse, wrote an interesting article about the nine ways students could use social media to boost their careers; and even though the article is geared towards students, I think it’s a great reminder and tip for all professionals.

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