Life Post-Grad

Graduating in less than a week is both an exhilarating and terrifying feeling. Not only does it mean that I’m done with school (for now), but it also means that I’m officially entering the real world, and with that comes major change. The amount of constant that I choose to keep in my life is purely up to me but the changes- those are debatable. As a fresh college graduate, that’s what life is going to entail: rolling with the punches and keep on swinging.


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A Case Study in Social Media Demographics [Infographic]

I came across this intriguing Infographic about Social Media Demographics from MBA Online on Pinterest last night and thought it was worthy of a share. They have a plethora of Infographics that are really interesting and informing- definitely mosey on over and take a peek!



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Resumes on Pinterest

At this point, I’m probably going in circles talking about Pinterest, resumes and social media but I haven’t been able to fully wrap my mind around a new self-promotion tactic (thanks to fellow blogger Daniel Hebert): publishing your resume on Pinterest.

Jhaneel Lockhart, writer for Business Insider: Careers, published a quick piece about 7 Cool Resumes [They] Found on Pinterest.

Social media is more than just a professional tool, but it can also be used as a professional outlet. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the obvious platforms that a majority of professionals across multiple industries use, but the introduction of Pinterest is about to change all of that.

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Pinterest: Visual Media Done Right

The up-and-coming creative social media sensation that has everyone abuzz and curious these days is Pinterest.

Whether it’s a strategic tool for planning events or a daily diversion favorite, it’s generating a lot of attention from a variety of diverse audiences. In my opinion, it’s visual media done right.

Pinterest’s ingenious and talented entrepreneurial team was able to harness both social and visual media to create a generic, yet versatile, site. Because of Pinterest’s versatility, it can appeal to many audiences without altering several different aspects to adapt to the audiences’ needs. As a result, Pinterest is the new marketing, advertising, mommy blogger, DIY, and social media favorite, to list a few. Granted a majority of Pinterest’s users are female, there are plenty of male users as well. Pinterest is a perfect example of the classic communication’s Uses and Gratifications theory in relation to how and what users turn to Pinterest for. Continue reading