A Case Study in Social Media Demographics [Infographic]

I came across this intriguing Infographic about Social Media Demographics from MBA Online on Pinterest last night and thought it was worthy of a share. They have a plethora of Infographics that are really interesting and informing- definitely mosey on over and take a peek!



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Social Media is Sexy

With the Millennial addiction to social media, one would be led to think it’s preprogrammed in our brains how to use it. Unfortunately, most Millennials use social media for just that: to be social. What Generation X or younger doesn’t understand is that social media can be used to our advantage, both personally and professionally. Thankfully, the Millennial light bulb has illuminated and they’re finally embracing that social media is becoming one of the most important professional tools they will need to boost their careers- not just to share their love of Beiber or current mood.

Kate Braddock, executive social and media director of Syracuse, wrote an interesting article about the nine ways students could use social media to boost their careers; and even though the article is geared towards students, I think it’s a great reminder and tip for all professionals.

When I first started college, I was reluctant to give in to the social media trend beyond having a simple Facebook account. Twitter, Flickr, and blogging just weren’t some things that I could get into the habit of doing; now, I can’t imagine not being apart of the social media sphere and actively contributing to it. Continue reading

Standing Out Above the Rest

It’s no secret that diving into the job market isn’t as easy as it used to be. Lately, trying to dive headfirst into the job market is like diving head first into the shallow end of the pool without looking first. Doing thorough research of the industry and tweaking your resume first are an absolute must-do before you even consider applying- unless, you plan to ‘shock-and-awe’ your way into it.

As of late, individuals have been setting the bar higher and higher for others to try to measure up to. Most recently, senior Daniel Hebert of Mount Allison University wrote a blog post as to why he’d be the ideal candidate for Radian6’s social media analyst position. Ragan blogged about Hebert’s efforts but couldn’t decide whether to dub him clever or crazy. Although Hebert was contacted for an interview, it’s still unknown as to whether or not he got the job.

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