Standing Out Above the Rest

It’s no secret that diving into the job market isn’t as easy as it used to be. Lately, trying to dive headfirst into the job market is like diving head first into the shallow end of the pool without looking first. Doing thorough research of the industry and tweaking your resume first are an absolute must-do before you even consider applying- unless, you plan to ‘shock-and-awe’ your way into it.

As of late, individuals have been setting the bar higher and higher for others to try to measure up to. Most recently, senior Daniel Hebert of Mount Allison University wrote a blog post as to why he’d be the ideal candidate for Radian6’s social media analyst position. Ragan blogged about Hebert’s efforts but couldn’t decide whether to dub him clever or crazy. Although Hebert was contacted for an interview, it’s still unknown as to whether or not he got the job.

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