Need a little more happiness in your day? Check out Citizens for Optimism’s posters for creating optimism!


How do you inspire happiness? Some find it easy to do so by stringing together beautiful sentences with words that fall into place and fill gaps in our minds. Others create magic by strumming a few notes on their guitar that can instantly lift your spirit. Then there are those who mix the stunning worlds of writing and design to form the best of both worlds.

In this case – Citizens for Optimism; a col­lab­o­ra­tion of 17 design­ers who created posters inspiring optimism.  There are 17 posters in all, inspired by 17 words.

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A Case Study in Social Media Demographics [Infographic]

I came across this intriguing Infographic about Social Media Demographics from MBA Online on Pinterest last night and thought it was worthy of a share. They have a plethora of Infographics that are really interesting and informing- definitely mosey on over and take a peek!



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Room to Breathe in the Information Overload

In this day and age, not having access to a surplus of information at the touch of a button can be a major source of frustration; but it can also be a source of anxiety being bombarded with constant updates, overflowing feeds and total information overloads. With the rate that online platforms are updated, people are overwhelmed and practically drowning in information.

In Ron AshkenasManaging the Information Avalanche, he expands upon Tom Brokaw’s views that more information doesn’t exactly mean that it brings more understanding. Brokaw believes people have to work even harder to comprehend the massive amounts of information through categorizing it, and putting things into context; and unless we can take the time to do all of that, and do it well, we’re almost making ourselves less knowledgeable and more overwhelmed.


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Social Media Must: Engage Your Audience

When I initially began this 10-week journey of a blogging assignment, I really didn’t think I would be engaging with anyone, or that my blog would actually be read by anyone other than my professors or the occasional browsing classmate. I knew the Internet had created a whole other world of communication, but it didn’t occur to me that my reach would be beyond J452. Boy oh boy, was I in for a surprise…

Engaging with your readers is crucial in the success of your social media or blogging strategies. The days of simply talking at your audience are long over- it’s all about talking with your audience. A simple ‘Like’ or ‘+Follow’ isn’t really worth anything unless you’re interacting with the person who liked or followed you in the first place.


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Read an E-Book Week 2012

Read an E-Book week! You know you want to 🙂

Robin Mizell: Treated & Released

Read an E-Book Week 2012March 4-10, 2012, is Read an E-Book Week. Publishers are supporting the celebration by offering special deals, including ebook giveaways.

Organizers of the promotion say:

Last year several E-Book Week participants sat in their favorite coffee shop for a few hours with a sign that said “Ask me about e-books.” They had either an e-reader or other device for reading e-books and showed it to anyone who was interested. “It was a lot of fun!” we were told. Why not try it yourself this year?

For more information, contact author Rita Y. Toews or visit the Read an E-Book Week website or Facebook page.

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