I am a firm believer that integrity is the cornerstone of credibility, and in a world of rapid-fire information, transparency and credibility are the building blocks of trust.

With that said, I take ethics very seriously and only felt it appropriate to establish a code of ethics for complexvisuals’ blog.

I will…

–       Tell the truth and be transparent

–       Link to online references and original source materials directly

–       Never delete a post

–       Reply to emails and comments within 24 hours

–       Acknowledge mistakes and correct them promptly

–       Show good taste and stay on topic

–       Disclose conflicts of interest

I will not…

–       Delete comments unless they are spam, blatantly disrespectful or abusive

–       Publish inaccurate or questionable information

–       Use my pursuit of information as a license for arrogance

“Consumers come first, honesty isn’t optional, and deception is always exposed”

– Word of Mouth Marketing Association


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