Life Post-Grad

Graduating in less than a week is both an exhilarating and terrifying feeling. Not only does it mean that I’m done with school (for now), but it also means that I’m officially entering the real world, and with that comes major change. The amount of constant that I choose to keep in my life is purely up to me but the changes- those are debatable. As a fresh college graduate, that’s what life is going to entail: rolling with the punches and keep on swinging.


Although I would like to refer to the months beyond June 18th as ‘summer,’ we all know it’s not. I’ll be making the transition from a full-time student and communications intern to diving headfirst into the corporate world. I’m relieved that I have a plan post-grad, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I will miss having the ability to sleep in and tan all day; but that’s what weekends are for, right?

Using the momentum from my professional and personal growth this spring, I’m going to ensure those continue. Being the ENFJ and planner that I am, I’ve been making lists of things I should do this summer:

  1. Read a few classics: The Catcher in The Rye, Pride and Prejudice and (my personal favorite) La Divina Comedia
  2. Expanding my blog (adding portfolio, photography, etc pages)
  3. Publish at least one or two (1-2) blog posts a week
  4. Hone my graphic design skills (and personally design my OWN logo for this site)
  5. Actually DO a few projects from Pinterest (and my God, that list is growing as the days go on)
  6. Work out daily

That isn’t the list in its entirety, but those are the few main To-Do’s I will be working my hardest to complete. Expect to see some posts about my Pinterest project adventures- I’m sure they’re going to get interesting.

Here is where, you, the lovely audience comes in. Do you have any suggestions of must-read classics, absolute must-do Pinterest projects or topics you’d like to see explored? Photography adventures you’ve taken or always wanted to take? I would love some feedback!

Hats off!

Four years later and here I am, hats off to me!


One thought on “Life Post-Grad

  1. Hi Marcie, the Divine Comedy is one of my favorites as well. The one phrase that sticks in my mind is Dante’s description of man as “sufficient to stand, though free to fall.” It’s a good reminder to me that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and to remember that it’s both that make us who we are. Enjoy the summer!


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