Carpe Diem

From the Portland Senior Experience Blog:

In two days, we’ll be exactly one month away from being decked out in our commencement regalia and walking at graduation; and for some of us, that’s as far as we have planned. Being the ENFJ that I am, I’m trying to not freak out that my life beyond June 18th has yet to be determined.

When I reflect on the past seven weeks, I think about my successes and shortcomings, everything I’ve learned, the projects that still lay ahead, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and satisfaction. But am I really what they hoped for?


McKenzie’s question has been rolling around in my mind for almost two weeks now and I still have yet feel like I’ve figured out the answer.

For me, Week 7 represents a limbo of sorts. Although we’re close enough to the end of our time as interns, there’s still enough time remaining to really wow our supervisors; and that “Wow” could be the tipping point between an internship extension and a job offer (or a handshake paired with a kind letter of recommendation in your inbox).

We have all worked exceptionally hard and kicked major butt to reach the perfect position to approach our supervisors and discuss our options of continuing with the company. The next step can be one of three things: wait until our supervisors broach the topic, beat them to the punch and arrange a time to chat, or submit resumes elsewhere. Being the proactive and motivated individuals that we are, reaching out to our supervisors is the obvious choice.

Not only is this our time to shine even brighter, this is our time to seize what we really want. Josh once told us, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!” (FNL).

Oregon Football's motto never ceases to inspire me [Photo courtesy of Allie Gavette @agavette]

Oregon Football’s motto never ceases to inspire me
[Photo courtesy of Allie Gavette @agavette]

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