T-E-A-M Work!

Like many of my peers, I came into the Portland Senior Experience wide-eyed, ready to jump in headfirst and give it my all. Prior to this, I’ve worked and interned in many team environments before, but it all pales in comparison to the boutique public relations firm I’m currently interning for.

I couldn’t be luckier, or happier, to be interning where I am and I’ve learned so much within these first three and a half weeks. There are several attributes that have resonated with me thus far, but a common thread that I’ve noticed is how important our weekly team meetings are.

Tuesday team meetings bring all five of us together in order to get everyone on the same page, allow us to brainstorm and bounce ideas around and support each other with our individual projects. These meetings also give us a chance to collectively put our projects into perspective and see how they fit into the bigger picture in relation to each client.


Quite large, isn't it?

THE Great Wall

Earlier this month, we returned from the weekend to find an April to-do list mounted on the office wall. This list was quite large and has since been dubbed as the ‘Great Wall of Projects’ listed by client and assigned accordingly to members of our team. As a team, we have collaboratively worked together on completing several of these projects, and there’s nothing more exciting than crossing off a task. With hard work, determination and support from one another, there are only a handful of projects remaining; but without our weekly team meetings, we wouldn’t have known how to support each other.

Needless to say, the concept of a team has become much more important and has taken on a new meaning within my professional perspective.


2 thoughts on “T-E-A-M Work!

  1. I am considering applying for the Portland Senior Experience next year; however, I am nervous to do so because I don’t want to be an ill-prepared intern. What kind of training did your boutique public relations firm offer you? Do you feel it adequately prepared you to handle most, if not all, of the tasks assigned to you in your internship? I am nearing the end of my junior year at the UO, and I am curious to learn what professional work environments are like in the “real world.”

  2. Courtney, I really couldn’t recommend the PDXSX more. I think you’d be doing yourself a major disservice by not applying. I’ve learned so so SO much at my internship, and it’s far beyond what I would have ever learned in the classroom. I feel much more confident coming out of this program and into the real world than I would have graduating without it. Overall, what I’ve learned and everything I’ve done at my internship has not only strengthened me professionally, but as a person as well. The least you can do is apply, go through the process and if you get in- the ultimate decision of whether or not to do it is up to you.
    As far as my internship goes, I’ve felt adequately prepared for the tasks that I’ve been handed. For tasks that require additional knowledge, your supervisors should, and will, be more than willing to help you out or answer any questions you have. A majority of the first 2 weeks at my internship involved a lot of training, both on my own and with an office mate. A woman at Edelman told us, “If you’re not messing up or making mistakes, then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough,” and as scary as that sounds, it’s totally true- your supervisors expect you to make mistakes and ask questions.
    A great book that was recommended to me this term is called “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College” by Alexandra Levitt- it’s amazing and offers a lot of great insight that’s valuable in a professional work environment beyond college. I highly suggest it, and a lot of agencies have made their teams read it.

    If you have any other questions- feel free to contact me! I’d love to chat more! All things aside, I hope your spring term is going well, and chin up.

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