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At this point, I’m probably going in circles talking about Pinterest, resumes and social media but I haven’t been able to fully wrap my mind around a new self-promotion tactic (thanks to fellow blogger Daniel Hebert): publishing your resume on Pinterest.

Jhaneel Lockhart, writer for Business Insider: Careers, published a quick piece about 7 Cool Resumes [They] Found on Pinterest.

Social media is more than just a professional tool, but it can also be used as a professional outlet. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the obvious platforms that a majority of professionals across multiple industries use, but the introduction of Pinterest is about to change all of that.

Lockhart makes the point that because of Pinterest’s visual nature, it’s “perfect for showing prospective employers what you’ve done so far.” Pinterest’s visual nature is perfect for showing a multitude of things but I’m having trouble understanding why these individuals are putting their resumes on Pinterest. How do they know that their resume is going to end up in front of prospective employers?

Maybe I’m not thinking outside the box enough or this is beyond me. I admire the individuals that have put their resumes on Pinterest; they’re taking a huge leap of faith. I am interested to know if anyone has been contacted for an interview or with a job offer after their resume was found on Pinterest.

Would you ever consider putting your resume on Pinterest (after a graphic design facelift, of course)?

Turns out, A LOT of people have put their resumes on Pinterest!

Screenshot of Resume Search on Pinterest


6 thoughts on “Resumes on Pinterest

  1. Great post Marcie!

    Your target employer might not be on Pinterest, but you sure can lead them there. When I wrote my Radian6 post, I did a bit of research first to find out where they were most active on social media. I found out it was Twitter. So when I wrote my post, I tweeted it out and made sure to tag both @radian6 and @radian6careers to it. I directed them to my post through where they were most comfortable engaging online (Twitter).

    So if you have a few target companies in mind, do a bit of research on them. Find out where they are most active, then start engaging with them. When the time is right, lead them to your Pinterest resume by providing them a link. If you do that, you’re controlling the situation, and the odds of the employer seeing your resume. You won’t have to wait and hope that the right person sees it, because you are taking the steps to make sure the right person sees it. 🙂

  2. Interesting post. I don’t know that I would place my resume on Pinterest, but it seems like an ideal platform for displaying a portfolio. I admittedly need to take a closer look at it though to check its suitability for that.

  3. Great points, Marcie. I think Pinterest can be an ideal place to market yourself; however, it requires a special kind of resume to stand out in such a visually dominated site. From an employers POV, there is no social media sight that gives you insight into a potential applicants personality and interests quite like Pinterest could.

  4. Great post! Personally, from an HR point of view, I’m not sure that I would even think about going to Pintrest to find resumes. I find that the image is too small and hard to read the actual details of the resume (zooming it actually blurs the words). And I also find that the resumes I’ve seen on Pintrest are graphics design related, so not a great place to source out candidates. At least not right now.

    Having said that, it doesn’t mean that your resume can’t look like the ones you’ve seen on Pintrest. In my previous life as an HR Consultant, I’ve seen way too many resumes and they all start to look the same. What’s really the difference between resume A and resume B and resume C?

    A creatively designed resume would likely have caught my interest, at least enough to urge me to actually read it. What I love about the resumes on Pintrest is that they are short and to the point without too many long-winded descriptions of their experience. I mean, who cares what your current job description is? What matters is, what have you accomplished that is related to the job you’re applying for?

    So whether you decide to post your resume on Pintrest or not, why not create a really eye-catching one anyway that will grab the hiring manager/HR’s interest?

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