The ROI of Visual Media

After reading SocialStew101’s post about Social Media ROI, I started to really consider how ROI would be measured in relation to visual media.

According to MDG Advertising, there are four main factors to consider when measuring the ROI of Social Media:

  1. Financial: Have company costs and sales increased or decreased since implementing your social media strategy?
  2. Brand: Has your company’s brand image been enhanced since becoming more visual via social media?
  3. Risk Management: Has your company prepared to respond to potential reputation issues via social media platforms? Do you have a team that’s capable of effectively answering questions and concerns?
  4. Digital Assets: Has your company’s social media brand improved these assets and is it worth exploring new options?

After much thought, I don’t see how measuring ROI of visual media is any different. Visual media is typically distributed via social media; therefore, visual media would either be considered another aspect of a social media strategy, or an entire strategy of its own implemented through social media.

Like social media, visual media demonstrates to companies’ audiences that they are modernizing their communication strategies and “keeping up with the times,” so to speak.

Companies that haven’t tapped into the social and visual media gold mine are only hurting themselves and their image in the long run to existing and potential shareholders. The sooner a company begins implementing social and visual media, the sooner they will see positive ROI.

Social Media & Your Organization

By Neil Schaffer, Windmills Marketing via Flickr


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