Pinterest: Visual Media Done Right

The up-and-coming creative social media sensation that has everyone abuzz and curious these days is Pinterest.

Whether it’s a strategic tool for planning events or a daily diversion favorite, it’s generating a lot of attention from a variety of diverse audiences. In my opinion, it’s visual media done right.

Pinterest’s ingenious and talented entrepreneurial team was able to harness both social and visual media to create a generic, yet versatile, site. Because of Pinterest’s versatility, it can appeal to many audiences without altering several different aspects to adapt to the audiences’ needs. As a result, Pinterest is the new marketing, advertising, mommy blogger, DIY, and social media favorite, to list a few. Granted a majority of Pinterest’s users are female, there are plenty of male users as well. Pinterest is a perfect example of the classic communication’s Uses and Gratifications theory in relation to how and what users turn to Pinterest for.

The great visual media aspects about this site is that while still a social media platform, Pinterest is more focused on creating a digital pinboard for users to visually organize their content by interests, recipes, inspirations, favorites, etc. Rather than listing content link after link, it’s driven by pictures and visual snippets of the content that’s posted; therefore, visually stimulating and involving its audience.

Since it’s still a new social media platform, there are still a few bugs to be worked out but that doesn’t seem to stop it from being a successful international Internet trend with millions of hits each day. Being an avid Pinterest fan, I’m excited to see the changes and advances Pinterest will make within the upcoming year.

My Pinterest 'Everything Board' via screen shot

My Pinterest ‘Everything Board’ via screen shot


4 thoughts on “Pinterest: Visual Media Done Right

  1. I like your views on Pinterest and the visual aspects it offers. I think your description of Pinterest as a “generic, yet versatile, site” is spot on. I agree that the versatility of the site is absolutely what makes it so appealing to different audiences. I can’t wait to see how certain brands use Pinterest to promote themselves. However, I also think that because of how generic Pinterest can be it will be a challenge for some brands to stand out in the crowd.

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