Be All You Can Be…As a PR Intern

Being a public relations newbie and declaring PR as my major later than the majority of my peers, I’ve been trying to play catch-up since Day 1. Striving to learn as much as I could about the field, I did several informational interviews with PR professionals and started searching for internships.

The only experience I had with PR prior to my first internship was an intro class that covered basic theory, practice, etc. I had absolutely no idea what it meant to be an intern outside of rumors of doing grunt work and getting coffee. I wished someone had given me a pamphlet or I had attended some sort of workshop; but in life those aren’t always an option, and sometimes you just have to dive right in and follow your instincts.

Earlier this week, Ragan’s PR Daily posted 10 Ways to be a Dream PR Intern. What’s great about this list is that nowhere on the list are they asking you to be the brown-nosed intern. They’re simply asking you to diligent, polite, personable, and a hard worker. If you’re not willing to be any of or improve upon those characteristics, then what are you doing with an internship?

Relieved to discover that I already did a lot of these things (thank you, Mom and Dad), I realized that the list was missing a valuable point for all interns to consider throughout their experience.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you’re going to be more than just an intern and be THE intern, practice humility. Remember there’s always room for improvement, and you can make your best even better.

Yes, you were hired on for a reason but you’re still an intern- an aspiring professional: there’s A LOT more learning to do and A LOT more experience to gain.

And sometimes, you can be an amazing intern by getting coffee too


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