An Intro to ComplexVisuals

Having always been a visual person, visual media and how it’s transforming communications is something that absolutely perplexes me.

I’m a PR newbie, so just about everything I’m learning is of interest to me; but something that really blows my mind is how the PR industry is using visual media in conjunction with social media as a tactic. In addition to the use of visual media, I hope to explore public relations tactics in relation to concepts vs. practice. I continue to learn more and more each and every day and am looking forward to exploring concepts outside of the classroom.

After changing my major to PR in March of 2011, I have been trying to learn and gain as much experience as possible before I graduate this coming June. Several volunteer hours, informational interviews, internships, and classes later, here I am diving headfirst into social media leading to my debut in blogging.

Aside from striving to be a PR professional, I am a national award-winning photographer and photo editor at Ethos Magazine. I have been visually inclined and stimulated since a very young age, and I’m very excited to see how visuals are transforming the future of marketing and PR.

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My photos that won the CSPA Award


5 thoughts on “An Intro to ComplexVisuals

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog – I thought I’d do the same. Keep blogging! I look forward to seeing some of your thoughts on visual media with regards to advertising and PR.

    Ryan Johnson

  2. Thank you for supporting my latest blog post! I love that you are interested in PR and working to gain more experience and knowledge about our field! If you have any questions please let me know, I am the Blog Chair for PRSA New Professionals Section and would be more than willing to help out in any way!

    Stay in touch!

  3. Thanks for checking out The Editor and supporting with a *Like*.

    Keep up the blogging. I’m a blogging newbie myself but already see and appreciate the marketing value and profile-raising opportunity inherent.

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